Validate your mailing list in one click

Get assured your mailing list contains only real emails addresses, get rid of bots and inactive users

The Features


Mailcheck - Turns your cold mails - to hot leads.


Mailcheck - Validate emails through social networks.


Mailcheck - 2.47% - cold base failure percentage after our validation.

Why Do You Choose Check E-mails?

We are a team that validates emails and phones using social networks for the past 3 years. Previously, we did it manually and it took from 3 weeks to a year, but at the moment it takes from us only 15 minutes to check 1 000 000 email addresses.

Our service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. We will also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email or phone in order to save their time and money.


Cost-Effective Pricing Plans


$ 10/mo

  • 1,000 emails to validate included
  • $0.005/1 mail overage charge


$ 30/mo

  • 5,000 emails to validate included
  • $0.004/1 mail overage charge


$ 100/mo

  • 20,000 emails to validate included
  • $0.003/1 mail overage charge


  • EPIC 100,000+ emails to validate included
  • LEGENDARY 1,000,000,000+ emails to validate included + telephones





About a week ago, I googled the entire Internet in search of software on the check of the base for "online". Found this topic. After reading the reviews, I immediately wrote to the author.The price is very sane, the software works like a rocket.



Event Director

I bought this checker a couple of days ago. The speed of work is impressive! Now there is also a validator, generally super! It greatly facilitates the work process. Thanks to the author!



Marketing and advertising

The longer I use, the more I realize how much it is internally thought out, multifunctional and at the same time easy to use. It determines not only whether the letter will be delivered, but also provides a report on many other indicators.



Account manager

I am not the most experienced user. But with the help of the author of the software, I managed to configure everything. Validation speed is much higher than that of competitors.



Head of marketing department

Very convenient to use. I would never have thought that they would invent something like that. It has become much easier to work. The checker deletes spam, leaves only valid addresses. You can be sure that the letter will reach the addressee.



Affiliate manager

No need to waste time on unnecessary letters. The checker will do everything instead of you! The program is very easy to use and saves my time well. Thank you for the quality software!



Customer support manager

A lot of problems arise due to addresses which are impossible to deliver letters in principle. Lots of clients are lost due to incorrect or non-authentic addresses. Since the acquisition of the checker, until there have been problems with sending.



Trade marketer

I thank the author for the coolest software. Very pleased: performance, low resource consumption, extensibility (the ability to purchase features).



Brand manager

Quickly, and most importantly, safely clears the list of emails, removes spam and invalid addresses. I was very pleased with the function of checking not only one, but also bulk email. I recommend!



Head of Financial Monitoring

Finds and isolates invalid, fake and “bad” emails very quickly. I was very pleased with the possibility of free trial use. I was convinced how useful this thing is.



Advanced researcher

Bought a checker and a parser. Very satisfied, works fast. The author is always in touch, if that helps with joy)




About a week ago, I googled the entire Internet in search of software on the check of the base for "online". Found this topic. After reading the reviews, I immediately wrote to the author.The price is very sane, the software works like a rocket.




About a week ago, I googled the entire Internet in search of software on the check of the base for "online". Found this topic. After reading the reviews, I immediately wrote to the author.The price is very sane, the software works like a rocket.

Email verification service: how to save time, nerves and money

Let us introduce you to the safest way to make a deal online.

First of all, why would you want to make a deal online without actually seeing a person you're about to work with? Well, the answer is simple: It. Saves. Time. And who wouldn't want to save some time with this hustle life we all have? So it seems like it solves everything. But it's not, because as far as it is convenient, it is also dangerous. So you have to deal with way more problems than you thought at the beginning. And that's why we're about to introduce to you an Email Checker.

What is it? It's an online tool, that helps you to stay safe while you surf the internet, have fun on the internet or even work business on the internet. It is simple, so everyone can use it and benefit from it, yet advanced enough to do its job really well. It checks email addresses online to be sure it exists and it's active. The checker is free and is ridiculously easy to use! All you have to do is enter the email you want to check and press "Check". Shortly you'll know, whether this address will be worth your while.

Now let us tell you how this works. The program checks your email's MX records to get its history from the main local server using SMTP. After that, his tool sends a message to figure out its activity level and availability.

Still, for various reasons, a lot of active servers aren't willing to collaborate with the said process. So, the results you'll receive, won't probably be ideal, but we assure your valuable self: you'll definitely receive the info, which you might want to consider.

Focus on the Email Checker: how does it even work?

The main sense of this tool is located in cool-because-modern in-built activity-and-regularity-checking system. And it has a high reputation to uphold because it not only goes up and down the whole JavaScript, but it also checks out other points on the list, such as confirming the real existence of an email you're checking, multilevel tests, securing all the algorithms and implementing AI technology. And you can distract yourself with a cup of a nice coffee while the checker is checking out the situation.

When all of these processes being done, technicians start playing psychic and set a prediction for the email you've wanted us to validate. One of the nicknames this address can be given is actually a "hard bounce", which is basically the suspect list of emails, that you should not trust. The thing is this system diagnoses emails with a special point system, that has several categories. And if it seems suspicious, its faith is in hands of professionals. Either they delete it from the naughty list or they leave it there hanging. It can go one of two ways!...

The system and scores also help an email tester to deal with some addresses, that seems to be correct but doesn't have any in- or out messages for a while. But it's not the only thing it does. Here's a short list:

  1. Find mistakes in the address and correct it if possible.
  2. Discovering invalid formats.
  3. Reporting the whole data of the said email.
  4. Domain statuses recheck.
  5. Evaluating and scoring.

So yeah! Even if you won't get every piece of valuable information due to inconsiderate server moderators, you'll still get a few pieces of that puzzle to get very close to the whole picture.

Emails address checker as a universal beneficial invention

Of course! Let us explain. Tests are going the same way for decades, and, course, the more detailed results are - the better. And who wants to settle for something unpresentable? Not the marketers, definitely. And ITs. And different companies as well. But we are totally sure, that confirming email addresses service is valid for every individual in general. Do you wanna get a lie? Do you like not receiving the answer? Or the products you ordered and paid for? Save your nerves and positive customer experience to yourself and enjoy life with checked emails and their holders.

So… That's almost everyone.

Does this checker have an API?

Not now at the very least. Partly because we're currently working on a server API version. And although we're working on it very hard, we can't predict the release date yet. So please, for now, be patient and check emails on a usual basis.

To clarify the benefits once more

So what would you get, if you choose this very email verification? Well, we have the answer for that as well! Here's the list:

  1. Email validation with server confirmation.
  2. Saving money, time and nerves on not dealing with potentially dangerous strangers.
  3. Affirmation of validity/activity of an email you entered.
  4. Detailed, complete and utter report.
  5. Help with marketing campaigns by bouncing the bounce score and rate.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you still have some questions or you've scrolled all the way right here right after entering this page to get some. Go ahead then, we won't stop you!

Want to verify the email address for cause results in your campaign? Want to ensure someone's truthfulness? This email checker will remove all that jazz baggage or of your contact list, validating it as some "hard bounce" and banning it forever.

Professionals came up with this term as a name for every "dead end" email. This basically means the email we sent couldn't be delivered - for various reasons, invalid name, for instance. It actually became such a huge problem, it has to be treated really serious by every provider.

Because it's better to prevent sickness, that to actually try to have a serious disease. Many people start to pay attention too late. And here's a hint: if your provider warns you about bounces - that's too late. Test emails in your contact list, because otherwise, you can get your IPs blocked for good.

Yes. As we said, partially because there are some server providers, who don't want to cooperate while saying it's confidential information. We can't regulate their behavior and give you access to that information, but what you can get is more than 95 percents guarantee of not bouncing

"Risky" status means dealing with this email is risky! The more prolonged answer requires an email and server status report. The perfect example is when the server looks like it's working, but we still suspect this email isn't connected to any responsible adult. The reason can be one of the following:

  1. Seems like our message was received by said email box, but it also seems like this particular server acts like it has no filters and accepts everyone. Which is strange.
  2. Even if our message is delivered and even read, we can say something's not right, because it looks like it was named by a blind monkey (for example, [email protected]).

Our program works directly with server representatives, who give specific data points and data about your particular address. Anyways, everything you have to do is doing some tea while just entering the needed email name and clicking the "Check" button.

Since you started using our email checker we give you 50 free attempts to verify an email via it for your account. Each and every approving your entered mail address equals a single request. If you'd like (or need) to clarify information about the bigger quantity of emails, feel free to choose any plan on our price list for the best experience.

Putting it simply, this tag means, that we discovered, this server is accepting everything, that comes there. No matter the source, type of a message, time of sending and so on, so we marked it as an irrelevant, an email address became "risky" and the only reason for us to make an exception is having strong evidence of the opposite situation.

We mentioned a lot of points already, but here's the whole list and order in conclusion:

  1. Format validity.
  2. Random look. If your address looks like [email protected] we won't let that slip.
  3. Disposability or temporality of current username.
  4. Web look-alikes. It shouldn't be similar to popular websites.
  5. MXs and storytime with emails.
  6. The main general service presence and accuracy. It can be connected to the previous step really closely.
  7. Texting to this email address to check it on point of bouncing.
  8. The finishing step has to deal with the availability of the local server to "accept all". In case its policy and is in order, your email gets the "deliverable" mark on it. So… do you trust us now? Do you see, how thorough is this process? Would you like to know something more? Don't hesitate to text or call us in case you are in need… of a good quality email check!